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romi collections


Utilitarian links give a rock chic inspired look to this collection, sure to make you stand out from the crowd as an individual and unique soul.
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A Pop of Purple always brings out the best of any look, strong and powerful, you will feel like the world is at your feet.

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Inspired by the circle of life, the continuous circle of growth and regrowth, this collection was created to inspire you to live your life to its fullest.
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The Knot of love, to show the strength between partners and friends, the Knot is a symbol of this link of love and friendship that makes our lives what they are.
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Simple and understated this collection has a contemporary and sleek look that will allow you to accessorise with any outfit.

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Individually crafted Pavé Stones, intricately placed side by side to create a shimmering light bouncing across the crystals.

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The classics are what draw us back time and time again and nothing is more classic than Pearls. We were inspired with this collection to bring a modern twist to a timeless classic.
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The joy of true connection, the beauty of the simple things, this range is a considered and thoughtful jewellery collection that will delight.

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